In the area of ​​the Adriatic Sea one of the decisive factors for the continental island flora and fauna airflow with characteristic winds known as the bora, sirocco and the mistral blowing along the coast.

The most common wind on the island of Silba is bora that blows from the northeast (14.5%), then south-easterly wind known as the sirocco (11.9%) and north-west wind (9.3%). Bora is a dry and cold with strong wind gusts, which increases the feeling of cold. Contrary to the bora, sirocco blows evenly and causes large waves. With the warm southerly winds, which penetrate to the Adriatic Sea from North Africa come and precipitation.

During the summer, closer to the mainland appears mistral. Seasonally northwesterly wind prevails over the sea breeze from the same direction and appears mistral. Mistral is a refreshing summer wind and it is always accompanied by a nice and dry weather.